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about us

We package our gin and liqueurs in these really cute 285mL bottles. Great size for a thoughtful gift.
Of course, they are wonderful when they are full of gin, and then become delightful when empty. With an easy remove label, try re-using the bottle as a specimen vase.

Located in a quiet glen in the Pyrenees Ranges, Victoria, Australia.
We distill our gin and liqueurs using locally harvested or indigenous spices.

Family owned, family run. Starting 20 years ago as winery making a delicious range of wines. Branching into making distilled gins and liqueurs in 2016.


Small batch products made with love and devotion.

  • Mrs Baker’s sensual & intellectual gin
  • Mrs Baker’s pepperberry pink gin
  • Mrs Baker’s coffee liqueur
  • Mrs Baker’s Triple Sec, wild orange liqueur

Did you know, each bottle is individually numbered, and each is signed by Mrs Baker.

You can visit us at the distillery to taste our unique and delicious range. You can also taste and buy our wines.
Please ring us first, just to make sure we will be available.

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Mrs Baker’s Still House
606 Elmhurst-Glenpatrick Road, Glenpatrick Victoria 3469
0418 141 685
(located at Wimmera Hills Winery)

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