Mrs. Baker’s DRY GIN – sensual and intellectual

She is a classic beauty with a brain to match. Craft distilled using locally sourced botanicals. This gin displays a delightful herbaceous tapestry of juniper, citrus, coriander, bay, rosemary and thyme. 44% ABV


Mrs. Baker’s SHIRAZ GIN – the poetic chocolate muse


She is new and utterly sumptuous, with silky smooth chocolate, there is no resisting this SHIRAZ GIN. The botanicals are: juniper, shiraz berries from our vineyard, cocoa nibs roasted by Ratio cocoa in Brunswick (Dominican Republic cocoa beans), and a surprise of yellow box eucalyptus which imparts distinctly Australian honey notes. 35% ABV


Mrs. Baker’s DRY GIN – Australian pepperberry

She is a delicate flower, but watch out for her spicy side. Crafted gin infused with indigenous spice, Australian pepperberry. Displays a gorgeous pink colour along with a warming peppery taste. Perfect for a negroni. 44% ABV

There may be seasonal variation in the pinkness.


Mrs. Baker’s VODKA – unapologetic friend

She is who she is and there Mrs Baker’s is no changing that. NO apologies. But all the same she is a great mate, you can always rely on her to have a wonderful time. This neutral vodka will mix easily in any vodka cocktail, taking you back to those times when that friend and you had a great cocktail night. 40% ABV


Mrs. Baker’s COFFEE

You might slip in to a coffee shop and bump in to her, or she might be your brunch buddy. No mater how you know her, this delightful aromatic blend is best after dinner. Made with coffee beans especially roasted locally for Mrs Baker’s still house, by Hellbilly Roasting in Ballarat. Strong coffee notes and deliciously smooth and sweet. 25% ABV


Mrs. Baker’s TRIPLE SEC – wild orange liqueur

This zesty wood nymph lives in the heart of the Glenpatrick valley. Although she is from the back hills this lady has an ethereal elegance. Craft distilled sweet orange liqueur made from wild oranges foraged in our valley in the Pyrenees. 38% ABV


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